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Choosing a Plan Manager can be hard. With over 1000 businesses, it’s tricky to know who you should sign up with.
Here are some simple facts to help you decide if Lighthouse is the right Plan Manager for you.

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Who is a Plan Manager?
A Plan Manager
A Plan Manager is someone who looks after your NDIS related invoices. They enter the details of your invoice into a system that claims the funds from your NDIS plan. They then pay those funds to the business or provider, such as a support worker, physio, etc.
Who is a Plan Manager?
What is the role of a Plan Manager?
The Plan Manager should monitor your plan for spending habits to ensure your funds will last the duration of your plan. They should keep your plan and information confidential and help point you in the right direction when you have questions about your funding or purchases.
What is the role of a Plan Manager?
How much does it cost?
No extra cost
A Plan Manager does not cost you anything and is not taken from the money allocated to you in your plan. This funding is a “Stated Support,” which means it can’t be spent on anything else, only a Plan Manager.
How much does it cost?
How does it work?
Our process
A Plan Manager is paid approximately $25 a week to process your NDIS invoices and monitor your budget. That is why some large companies now use artificial intelligence (computers) to process invoices. At Lighthouse, we use good old fashioned people power because people (especially NDIS specialists), often pick up things in a system that computers can’t. Also, our team love to call for a chat and because we are a boutique business, we provide a very personalised service. At Lighthouse, we’re more like a family.
How does it work?

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